Skillsoft Compliance

The Global Leader in compliance-based risk mitigation and safety training

About Us

Skillsoft is the global leader in compliance-based risk mitigation and safety training. Today, Skillsoft Compliance Solutions protects over 1,400 organizations, many of which are leading Fortune 500 companies. In the last three years, we trained more than 25 million users and have a satisfaction rating of 96% from our learners.

We partner with organizations whose goal is to use compliance as a differentiator, rather than a simple check-the–box model. When compliance is used in a positive way, as a differentiator, to develop a sound organizational value system, it impacts workforce agility, empowerment and engagement.

Our eLearning content provides one of the largest libraries of compliance training, with topics covering more than 475 critical risk topics in 26 languages.

Improving organizational performance, by improving the performance of your people.

Organizations face a myriad of regulations and we recognize the profound impact a change can have on processes and training requirements. In order to stay abreast of regulation change, we work with a number of leading law firms who review existing content annually and are an integral piece in our content development process. This ensures we have several views on new regulations from subject matter experts with real-world experience.

We understand that organizational risks vary and so do your content needs. Depending on your organization's unique level of risk, we offer a range of content types – from off the shelf, to completely customized, or somewhere in between. Our learning consultants will work with you to build a plan unique to your organization to address your risks and meet your learners' needs.

In order to support all learners, our training addresses every learning type, regardless of whether or not they are an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner. Our eLearning modalities include courseware, videos, skill briefs and job aids. In addition, our content can be delivered via desktop, mobile, Skillsoft content management platforms or a third party LMS. Additionally, our compliance platform is designed to integrate on-the-job training to meet certain state and federal regulations.