Updated Compliance Courses Coming Soon!

At 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the listed replacement date, Skillsoft will update the following compliance courses in your Training Academy. While the new courses fulfill the same requirements as the old, we hope that you will enjoy the exciting, new learning experience!

Course Title   New
Course Number
Course Number
Segurança e prevenção contra incêndio   ehs_hsf_a93_sh_ptbr   esh_sah_b20_sh_ptbr   2022-OCT-09
Sécurité et prévention incendie   ehs_hsf_a93_sh_fr   esh_sah_b20_sh_fr   2022-OCT-16
消防安全和火灾预防   ehs_hsf_a93_sh_zh   esh_sah_b20_sh_zh   2022-OCT-09
工作场所中的危险物质   ehs_hsf_d38_sh_zh   esh_sah_a36_sh_zh   2022-OCT-11
Ergonomie op het werk   ehs_hsf_c47_sh_nl   esh_sah_b25_sh_nl   2022-OCT-04
Brandveiligheid en -Preventie   ehs_hsf_a93_sh_nl   esh_sah_b20_sh_nl   2022-OCT-16
Taakrisicoanalyse   ehs_hsf_c39_sh_nl   esh_sah_b29_sh_nl   2022-OCT-16
Espacios confinados   ehs_hsf_b98_sh_eses   esh_sah_a28_sh_eses   2022-OCT-16
Ergonomía en el lugar de trabajo   ehs_hsf_c47_sh_eses   esh_sah_b25_sh_eses   2022-OCT-11
Seguridad y prevención de incendios   ehs_hsf_a93_sh_eses   esh_sah_b20_sh_eses   2022-OCT-09
Condiciones de seguridad en el uso de carretillas elevadoras   ehs_hsf_b95_sh_eses   esh_sah_b28_sh_eses   2022-OCT-16
Seguridad con las herramientas manuales y automáticas   ehs_hsf_b01_sh_eses   esh_sah_b33_sh_eses   2022-OCT-16
Evaluación de los riesgos laborales   ehs_hsf_c39_sh_eses   esh_sah_b29_sh_eses   2022-OCT-11
Protección respiratoria   ehs_hsf_b97_sh_eses   esh_sah_b26_sh_eses   2022-OCT-11
AGG (GETA) – Information for Employees   lchr_01_d37_lc_enus   lchr_01_a39_lc_enus   2022-OCT-16
Transport Canada TDG: Documents, Markings, and Containers   ehs_hsf_f34_sh_enca   esh_sah_b62_sh_enca   2022-OCT-11
Transport Canada TDG: Introduction and Responsibilities   ehs_hsf_f35_sh_enca   esh_sah_b61_sh_enca   2022-OCT-16
Transport Canada TDG: Related Regulations and Standards   ehs_hsf_f36_sh_enca   esh_sah_b64_sh_enca   2022-OCT-04
流感预防知识   ehs_hsf_e16_sh_zh   esh_sah_a10_sh_zh   2022-OCT-16
휴대용 소화기   ehs_hsf_c72_sh_ko   esh_sah_a42_sh_ko   2022-OCT-11
手提式灭火器   ehs_hsf_c72_sh_zh   esh_sah_a42_sh_zh   2022-OCT-04
安全标志   ehs_hsf_d86_sh_zh   esh_sah_a45_sh_zh   2022-OCT-09
安全操作规程   ehs_hsf_c66_sh_zh   esh_sah_a52_sh_zh   2022-OCT-04
Içamento e amarração em recinto fechado   ehs_hsf_c03_sh_ptbr   esh_sah_a60_sh_ptbr   2022-OCT-09
化学品安全说明书   ehs_hsf_d45_sh_zh   esh_sah_a77_sh_zh   2022-OCT-11
工作场所安全意识   ehs_hsf_f48_sh_zh   esh_sah_a93_sh_zh   2022-OCT-09
화재 안전 및 예방   ehs_hsf_a93_sh_ko   esh_sah_b20_sh_ko   2022-OCT-09
작업장에 적용되는 안전 공학   ehs_hsf_c47_sh_ko   esh_sah_b25_sh_ko   2022-OCT-04
지게차 안전 인식   ehs_hsf_b95_sh_ko   esh_sah_b28_sh_ko   2022-OCT-04
산업 안전 공학   ehs_hsf_d43_sh_ko   esh_sah_b30_sh_ko   2022-OCT-04
Ergonomia Industrial   ehs_hsf_d43_sh_ptbr   esh_sah_b30_sh_ptbr   2022-OCT-11
사다리 안전   ehs_hsf_b96_sh_ko   esh_sah_b31_sh_ko   2022-OCT-11
Segurança no uso de ferramentas manuais e automáticas   ehs_hsf_b01_sh_ptbr   esh_sah_b33_sh_ptbr   2022-OCT-09
TMD – Transports Canada : Présentation et responsabilités   ehs_hsf_f35_sh_frca   esh_sah_b61_sh_frca   2022-OCT-16
TMD – Transports Canada : Documents, marquages et conteneurs   ehs_hsf_f34_sh_frca   esh_sah_b62_sh_frca   2022-OCT-11
TMD – Transports Canada : Réglementations et normes associées   ehs_hsf_f36_sh_frca   esh_sah_b64_sh_frca   2022-OCT-04
Equipamento de içamento e inspeção   ehs_hsf_d89_sh_ptbr   esh_sah_b82_sh_ptbr   2022-OCT-09
索具设备和检查   ehs_hsf_d89_sh_zh   esh_sah_b82_sh_zh   2022-OCT-09

Important Notice

If you have started and not yet completed this course, please launch the course and attain a completion prior to the listed time. At this time:

- All partial completions will be removed.
- All course bookmark information will be removed.
- If you have not completed the course before this time, you will be required to start the new course from the beginning.